Gland Carbon Fiber Packing with PTFE

Description: Diagonally braided from acrylic, impregnated with PTFE. Excellent general service pump and valve packing, it is very pliable and conforms readily to stuffing box configurations, installs easily and needs only minimal gland torque and few adjustments. Covers a wide variety of...

Product Details
Our company is a modern enterprise, producing ptfe graphite fiber packing braided packing, RIB double jacketed gasket, Double metal jacket gasket in many countries and regions and industrial globalization has been our strategic direction. We have been looking for more and more customers to create the glorious future. We have always adhered to the principle of market first and customer first. From the selection of raw materials, production to shipment, we implement strict control to ensure first-class product quality. Buyers are welcome to contact us. We are keeping chasing WIN-WIN situation with our clients.

Product Feature

The Acrylic Fiber Packing With PTFE Impregnation plays an important role in abrasive liquid, mud, ash and slag pumps under the conditions of anti-wear and anti-corrosion conditions, as well as non-polluting and non-hazardous dynamic sealing parts in the food and paper industry. Its pH range is 2 ~ 12, and it can be mixed with water, brine, steam, acid, lye, chemicals, solvents, liquids, and grease.


Product Description
The Acrylic Fiber Packing With PTFE Impregnation is made of high quality synthetic fiber, impregnated with PTFE suspension and special lubricant, which not only has the tensile strength of fiber, but also has the characteristics of low friction, corrosion resistance, strong plasticity and so on. Compared with ordinary product on the market, our Acrylic Fiber Packing With PTFE Impregnation ensures that the wear on the sleeve is small, and it can maintain a large tensile strength under continuous working conditions. And it is applicable to most chemical media and solvents except concentrated sulfuric acid and strong alkaline media.






2 Mpa

10 Mpa

20 Mpa

Shaft speed

20 m/s rotary


-100℃to +280℃

PH range


In the process of active innovation and bold breakthrough, we aim to become one of the world's leading Gland Carbon Fiber Packing with PTFE enterprises, constantly meet the needs of customers with high-quality service and products! The mission of our company is to deliver the highest quality products with best price. You would not have any communication problem with us.
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