Flexible Graphite Sheet Production Line

Oil Resistance Non-asbestos Sheets Sealstars NY4200 is an Oil resistance non-asbestos gasket sheet on the basis of aramid fiber, acrylic fibers, mineral fiber and NBR rubber (Elastic adhesives) · Product Details Note: Load with the maximum values for pressure and temperature is no possible in...

Product Details
We provide high-quality Glassfiber Packing, inconel 800 Spiral wound gasket, Graphite Sheet and a full range of convenient services. We work hard with our customers, colleagues, workers to make a better future. We sincerely thank users who have been using our products, because our achievements today are inseparable from their support. We commit to provide better services and create more value to all our customers. The eternal management idea of our company is to pursue excellence and provide best-qualified product and continuous service.

Product Feature

The Non-Asbestos Rubber Sheet is equipped with high-performance synthetic fibers, natural rubber, fillers, colorants and other materials under high temperature and pressure, which can completely replace the status of asbestos in essence. And it can be an ideal material for water, high temperature steam, compressed air, part of joints, heat exchanger tubes, valves, etc.

Product Description

The Non-Asbestos Rubber Sheet can be an ideal material for longer term use, and we do promise that it will not produce any kind of chemical substance. Compared with ordinary sheet on the market, our Non-Asbestos Rubber Sheet can be stamped and cut with a mold or various tools, and processed into various shapes of products. Due to the high performance, it plays an important role in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, shipbuilding, automobile and other industries.




Identification color/overprint






Tensile strength ASTMF-152



Compressibility ASTMF-36



Resilience ASTMF-36



Creep relaxation rate



Leakage rateASTMF-37



Oil resistance
     /Thickness growth

ASTM1#oil (ASTMF-146)



ASTM3#oil (ASTMF-146)





150~180 (302~356)

Applicable medium:Tap water; hot water; Industrial water; seawater; atmosphere; medium acid, medium alkali, oil.℃(392℉),long-term usage temperature should be 150℃~180℃(302℉~356℉).

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