Flat PTFE Teflon Clamp Sealing Gasket

Description Pure PTFE Gasket is made by cutting PTFE stick, pipe and sheet into flat shape, V shape gasket and valve annulus. It has 100% PTFE structure. It can be bear the most bitter chemical medium, and has good anti-creeping performance. Prime Features > Acid and alkali resistant >...

Product Details
Each of our products is designed and produced specially for consumers, and we are a Graphite packing with carbon fiber corner, Specia sizel Ring Joint Gaskets, High Temperature Resistance Ceramic Fiber Rope manufacturer with complete product line. Therefore, all of our company's actions are centered on pragmatic and never boast. We continue to innovate, continuously improve and update product performance and technical requirements, and have formed a one-stop service of production, sales and after-sales. We'll make a amazing long run in hair output with our companions. At the same time, we also pay attention to product quality and delivery time. We expect the relationship with our customers to be a long-term partnership and a win-win cooperation.

Product Feature

The Pure PTFE Gasket has solved many problems in the fields of chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical and other fields. It has been widely used as a sealing material and a filling material. It can be an ideal facility used in various working conditions that require resistance to acids and alkalis and organic solvents, and it is really easy for installation.


Product Description

The Pure PTFE Gasket has the characteristics of acid and alkali resistance, high temperature resistance, and resistance to various organic solvents. Due to the high performance, our Pure PTFE Gasket plays an important role in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. Compared with ordinary gasket on the market, our Pure PTFE Gasket is equipped with  excellent chemical stability and corrosion resistance. And we do promise that it will not produce any kind of chemical substance when used.


Our Flat PTFE Teflon Clamp Sealing Gasket has widely absorbed the advantages of similar products on the market, so that its main performance has reached the highest industry standards. We promise ourselves high-quality products and hope our customers can benefit from them in order to realize a win-win situation. We actively improve the management level and production capacity, so that we always maintain competitiveness in the fierce market competition, and achieve rapid and stable development.
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