ASME B16.20 Spiral Wound Gasket Stainless Steel Material with Outer Ring and Inner Ring

Spiral wound Gasket with inner ring and outer ring is CGI Type.

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Spiral wound Gasket CGI Type mean the gasket with inner ring and outer ring .

What is CGI ?

C=Center Ring (outer ring )

G=Basic Gasket

I=Inner Ring


Flexitallic spiral wound gasket CGI ,Lemons type is WIR

See the source image


Spiral wound gasket (SWG) CGI Type, outer ring material usually carbon steel with zinc plated or color painted, it is also suitable stainless steel in some conditional.

For the inner ring and winding tape are stainless steel (SS304, SS321,SS316)

Or some special Alloy steel. The material of inner ring usually same as winding tape.

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