High Pressure Compressed Non-asbestos Fiber Sheet

Oil Resistance Non-asbestos Sheets Sealstars NY4150 is an Oil resistance non-asbestos gasket sheet on the basis of acrylic fibers, cellulose fiber, inorganic fibers and NBR rubber (Elastic adhesives) · Product Details Note: Load with the maximum values for pressure and temperature is no possible...

Product Details

Product Feature

The High Pressure Compressed Non-asbestos Fiber Sheet uses the mixed material to undergo flow deformation under the action of the rotating friction and pressing force of the roller, as well as the difference in bonding strength and friction between the cold roller and the hot roller. There are two kinds of color options, thus to provide more choices to meet need.


Product Description

The High Pressure Compressed Non-asbestos Fiber Sheet is equipped with advanced process, which has longer service life for use and there is no special need of maintaining. In addition, it can be an ideal facility widely used for tap water, hot water, atmosphere, weak acid, weak alkali, oil and so on. Due to the proper size and compact design, it is really easy for installation, thus to help release space of limited places. During the forming process, the thickness of the sheet is very thin, which makes the final sheet have a special layered structure and guarantees the high temperature, oil and pressure resistance.





Identification color/overprint






Tensile strength ASTMF-152



Compressibility ASTMF-36



Resilience ASTMF-36



Creep relaxation rate



Leakage rate ASTMF-37



Oil resistance
     /Thickness growth

ASTM1#oil (ASTMF-146)



ASTM3#oil (ASTMF-146)





100~120 (212~248)

Applicable medium:Tap water, hot water, atmosphere, weak acid, weak alkali, oil.℃(302℉),long-term usage temperature should be 100℃~120℃(212℉~248℉).

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