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The Small Spiral Wound Gasket Unexpectedly Can Our Country's Space Career Dream?

Mar 20, 2018

The small Spiral wound gasket Unexpectedly can our country's space career dream?

Spiral wound gasket In many people's eyes may be a very humble small parts, if you look at it alone it is not a fantasy of what it can be of great use, according to the idea of most people, Spiral wound gasket is only used to cushion the valve, fill the open space of a thing, but do not underestimate it, without it,


China's aerospace industry may not be able to develop to this very good degree today. Spiral wound gasket in the aerospace industry can be seen everywhere, every spare parts of the device is inseparable from it, it not only allows two parts of the convergence of the more closely connected, but also can cut a lot of impact, played a good buffer effect.


In the space engineering so demand precision category, without it, our country's aircraft is likely to launch failure again and again, and with it, we can look forward to the future space industry in full swing.

Of course, Spiral wound gasket cushion is not only able to play her indispensable role in the aerospace industry, in many areas cannot be separated from it, it is a modern society indispensable items.