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Spiral Wound Gasket With A Sound Technical Processing And Protective Effects

Aug 03, 2017

With the increasing safety requirements of modern industry, the use of Spiral Wound Gasket has become more and more widely, especially in the oil, chemical, shipbuilding, machinery, water supply and other fields. In these industries in some important valves, pipe bearing seat on the use of winding gasket, the main role is to seal the flange.

The use of Spiral Wound Gasket is indeed very wide, in the field of water supply can be seen everywhere a lot of valves are used spiral wound gasket. Instead of using it or not, or use paper mats. This result is that we can imagine that in many streets often have to repair the water valve situation, because the water valve flange in the absence of sealing protection measures, there has been a leak. Later in such enterprises have also been a serious study, began to promote and use a large number of spiral wound gasket, the result is greatly improved sealing performance, the leakage of the situation will rarely appear.

Metal wound gasket with high quality SUS304, SUS316 ("V" or "W") metal band and other alloy materials and graphite, asbestos, polytetrafluoroethylene gasket, non-asbestos and other soft materials alternately overlap spiral winding The metal band is fixed at the beginning and the end by spot welding. Metal wound gasket for the semi-metal pad in the best elasticity of the gasket, metal wound gasket structure density can be based on different locking force requirements to make, and the use of internal and external steel ring to control its maximum degree of tightness, winding The surface accuracy of the flange contact surface of the gasket is not high. Metal wound gasket is particularly suitable for uneven load, easy to relax the joint force, temperature and pressure cyclical changes, there are shock or vibration of the occasion. Winding washers are valves, pumps, heat exchangers, towers, manholes, hand holes and other flange connections to the original static seal.

Spiral Wound Gasket in the production of the note:

First, the winding part of the winding part of the outer diameter should be 3 laps to 5 laps without filler metal belt, in the diameter should be 2 laps to 3 laps without filler metal belt.

Second, the winding gasket diameter and diameter of the spot welding should be no less than 4 points, and can not have burned and not welded and other welding defects.

Third, the winding gasket on the surface of the filler should be flat, and appropriate higher than the metal band, its value is about 0.15mm ± 0.1mm.

Fourth, the wound gasket of the inner ring around the ring should be removed from the burr.

Metal wound gasket is a tool often mentioned in the industry, because it is the reason for the metal itself, so it is also very widely used for its use. Not only in the industry and the manufacture of products, we can often see its name, in people's daily life, Spiral Wound Gasket is also everywhere, for example, each of our households have a heat exchanger, which inside There is a Spiral Wound Gasket, but I have the Spiral Wound Gasket, but in-depth understanding, so do not know it in our lives in the application.

The elasticity of the metal wound gasket is very good, and it is also very helpful for the pipeline system itself, it can adjust the thermal cycle of the system, but also can automatically manage the vibration, if there is any exception , It will automatically adjust, it can be said is a very good gasket products, the use is also very convenient.

A lot of Spiral Wound Gasket is used in some special application environment, such as a lot of mechanical connection parts, etc., it is characterized by a sound technical processing and protective effects in the parts of the synthesis and contact parts have a very good Of the anti-corrosion and anti-friction and other practical effects, in people's application has a good application performance. Some of these unique Spiral Wound Gasket products, are through special technical support and improve the form of treatment for the protection work. Currently on the market a lot of Spiral Wound Gasket products are through the meager S and W-type steel for processing and processing. Through a lot of technical operation and processing to achieve a very good application performance, flexibility and resistance to friction is very good. High-quality materials and production technology has a good effect. In many mechanical parts processing, some of the characteristics of the Spiral Wound Gasket can be combined with special technical processing and stable processing technology as a whole, for the overall operation of the machinery to play a significant performance.