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Spiral Wound Gasket To Maintain Its Excellent Sealing Performance

Sep 26, 2017

The Spiral Wound Gasket(which can be called a gasket, both until the seal acts on a class of seals or gaskets) has a very high mechanical strength and good resilience characteristics. The Dong Sheng Seal tells you that it is the most versatile half Metal gasket.

Wound-type gasket compression performance, good rebound performance, with multi-channel seal and a certain self-tightening function, the surface of the flange surface is not sensitive to the pressure, non-bonding flange sealing surface, can partially eliminate the pressure. Change and the impact of mechanical vibration; in high temperature. Low temperature. High vacuum. Impact vibration and other cyclical alternating under a variety of harsh conditions, to maintain its excellent sealing performance.

Use of equipment: oil, chemical, metallurgy, power, ship, gas, nuclear, aerospace, textile, pharmaceutical, machinery and other industries pipeline, valves, pressure vessels, condensers, heat exchangers, towers, Blue connection static seal site.

Oil, chemical, metallurgy, power, ship, machinery and other industries pipeline, valves, pressure vessels, condensers, heat exchangers, towers, manholes, hand holes and other flange joints sealed.

According to ANSI, API.DIN.JIS, JPI, BS and other standards of production, or by the user specified requirements. Use pressure ≤ 25Mpa.

If the gasket used in the heat exchanger, we generally recommend with Φ3.2 stainless steel inner ring, narrow strip material with the strip, narrow band type paste or coated type.

If the gasket needs color, please specify.

Spiral wound gas is made of high quality SUS304, SUS316 ("V" or "W") metal band and other alloy materials with graphite, asbestos, polytetrafluoroethylene, non-asbestos and other soft materials alternately overlapping spiral wound The start and end are fixed by spot welding.

The wound gasket is the best elasticity of the semi-metallic tight pad. The wound gasket structure density can be made according to the different locking force requirements, and the inner and outer steel rings are used to control the maximum degree of tightness. The surface accuracy of the flange contact surface of the sheet contact is not high.

Spiral washers are particularly suitable for applications where the load is not uniform, the joint force is easy to relax, the temperature and pressure are periodically changed, there is shock or vibration. Spiral Wound Gasketis a valve, pump, heat exchanger, tower, manhole, hand hole and other flange connection to the original static seal.