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Spiral Wound Gasket Pay Attention To Their Own Quality Problems

Aug 14, 2017

gasketAs a long time since the development of asbestos products have been put into use in the usual construction. In our usual life, our home or office ceilings or some of the building materials involved in the textile, in some of the car for the use of brake pads asbestos pad until the reinforced concrete are inseparable from the asbestos. Asbestos itself is an insulating material, the earliest According to our investigation known in the thirties when the construction and shipbuilding has been used in the process of asbestos pad, slowly with the construction industry development and prosperity, asbestos pad A large number of put into use in the project, the computer is not good to people's health and the environment has brought the impact of the balanced development. And for a long time scientists have not been difficult to find, whether it is in Myanmar in the use or production process which will have a very serious impact on the environment in the long run, but also on people's health has a considerable harm.

Asbestos gaskets After the current industrial production, the vast majority are applied to the construction industry and some of the industries need to use the pipeline, Lee Tim sealed material factory so in the pressure vessel and the contact between the various shells The surface of the contact is in the seal. The type of asbestos is not just one, it is only a generic category, including non-metallic gaskets, non-metallic and metal combination gaskets and metal gaskets such as the three major categories. In the usual use of materials not only include asbestos, cork, polytetrafluoroethylene, as well as rubber, leather, steel, iron, copper and stainless steel, these materials in which have a very important role. This kind of sealing method is called pad seal, but in the process can not help but produce a leak, but in fact there are only three forms: interface leakage, osmotic leakage and destructive leak. And the two previously mentioned methods are often referred to as the main form of disclosure.

Lee Tim sealed materials factory so in the purchase of gasketwhen we must pay special attention to the gasketin the purchase process which is basically the principle is usually not much in the basic requirements of the place, we can by virtue of our usual Some of the accumulated knowledge, when the market is not replaced. However, for those demanding applications such as explosive, highly toxic and combustible gases, as well as strong corrosive liquid equipment, reaction tanks and piping systems, the gasket should be selected based on working pressure, working temperature, ambient media, etc. Flange surface roughness. Flange surface roughness on the sealing effect of a great impact, especially when using non-soft gasket, the sealing surface roughness value is one of the main causes of leakage. For example, turning the flange surface of the knife is a spiral, the use of metal gasket, if the roughness value is large, the gasket can not be blocked knife blade formed by the spiral groove, under pressure, the media will Along this groove leaked out. Soft seal on the flange surface smooth degree requirements are much lower, it is because it is easy to deformation, to block the processing of knife, thus preventing the leak. In short, the use of a variety of materials, the comparison of soft gasket, flange surface is too smooth and not a very good thing. So in the loss of sleep processing manufacturers need to pay special attention to their own quality problems.