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Spiral Wound Gasket Material Utilization Is High, Easy Maintenance

Jun 23, 2017

Spiral Wound Gasket is a V-shaped or W-shaped cross-section of the metal band and non-metallic filler with a spiral from the interval, so it has a multi-channel sealing effect, sealing contact surface is small, the required bolt force Smaller. And because the metal belt section was V-or W-type, flexible, multi-channel sealing effect. When the temperature, pressure fluctuations, bolt relaxation or mechanical vibration, due to gasket rebound, can still keep the seal.

The combination of different metal bands and non-metallic bands can be applied to different temperatures, pressures and media applications. This gasket manufacturing is simple, high material utilization, easy maintenance, is a better medium pressure gasket. Applicable operating pressure up to 4MPa, the operating temperature according to the different metal materials and different. 08 steel or 15 steel commonly used in the range of 40 ~ 300 ℃, up to 450 ℃ below; 0Cr13 steel can be used for 550 ℃ below; in low temperature and corrosive media, can also be used 0Cr18Ni9Ti steel and brass, copper and so on. Fill with special asbestos, flexible graphite, polytetrafluoroethylene. Gasket thickness is usually 2.5mm, 3.2mm, 4.5mm, for large diameter equipment flange (diameter greater than 1000mm), gasket thickness of 6.5mm. Gasket with the flange sealing surface, the nominal pressure of 2.5MPa or less, can be used smooth surface (not water line); nominal pressure of 2.5MPa or more, the application of convex surface. For the smooth surface of the spiral wound gasket, can be added in the inner and outer ring positioning ring, positioning ring is generally used Q235 steel, 20 steel, ICr13 steel or ICr18Ni9Ti steel made of thickness of about 3mm, both for installation and positioning , And can play a role in strengthening, to prevent the NC spring machine in the installation and transportation deformation or loose.

The main problem in the use of this gasket is: loose due to the welding point is not loose, especially when the larger diameter is more likely to twist loose; core packing in high temperature conditions, brittle, and even breakage caused by leakage; Requirements higher, the flange can not have a larger bias; bolts tightening force must be uniform, and can not be too large, otherwise caused by gasket pressure, loss of flexibility, affecting the seal. When using a wound gasket, the flange is not covered with water.

The Spiral Wound Gasket is made of high quality SUS304, SUS316 ("V" or "W") metal strip and other alloy material with graphite, asbestos, polytetrafluoroethylene, non-asbestos and other soft materials alternately overlapping spiral wound, The metal band is fixed at the beginning and at the end by spot welding.

Spiral Wound Gasket is the best elasticity of the gasket in the semi-metal close pad. The density of the Spiral Wound Gasket can be made according to the different locking force requirements, and the inner and outer steel rings are used to control the maximum degree of tightness. The surface accuracy of the flange contact surface of the gasket is not high.

Metal spiral wound gasket is particularly suitable for uneven load, easy to relax the joint force, temperature and pressure cyclical changes, there are shock or vibration of the occasion. Winding is a valve, pump, heat exchanger, tower, manhole, hand hole and other flange connection to the original static seal.

Winding Gasket Application:

Oil, chemical, metallurgy, power, ship, machinery and other industries pipeline, valves, pressure vessels, condensers, heat exchangers, towers, manholes, hand holes and other flange joints sealed.