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Spiral Wound Gasket Ability To Heat, High Pressure And Adapt To Low Temperature

Oct 25, 2017

Spiral Wound Gasket Definition: Spiral Wound Gasket is made of paper, rubber sheet or copper sheet, placed between two planes to strengthen the sealing material, in order to prevent the leakage of fluid in the static sealing surface between the sealing elements. Metal wound Spiral Wound Gasket is a kind of Spiral Wound Gasket which is widely used at present, the best elastomeric Spiral Wound Gasket in a semi metallic dense pad is alternately twisted by a V-shaped or W-shaped steel strip and a variety of fillers, capable of high-temperature, high-pressure and conditioned conditions under ultra-low or vacuum, by changing the material combination of the Spiral Wound Gasket, It can solve the problem of chemical corrosion of Spiral Wound Gasket by various mediums, the density of the structure can be made according to the requirements of different locking force, in order to strengthen the main body and accurate positioning, the Spiral Wound Gasket is provided with a metal inner reinforcing ring and an outer locating ring, and the inner and outer ring is used to control the maximum compaction degree to strengthen the function and avoid the basic body's Because the outer ring's existence makes the spiral Wound Gasket installment more convenient, generally uses in the middle and low pressure plane and the convex flange to withstand the high temperature, the high pressure and the adaptation ultra-low temperature or under the vacuum condition use, to the Spiral Wound Gasket contact Flange seal surface The surface accuracy request is not high, the disassembly is convenient. The form has basic type, with inner ring, with outer ring, with inner and outer ring four kinds of Spiral Wound Gasket.

Spiral Wound Gasket Compression performance, rebound performance is good, with a multi-channel seal and a certain self tightening function, for flange pressure surface defects are not too sensitive, not bonded flange sealing surface, Can partially eliminate the pressure. Temperature change and mechanical vibration influence; can at high temperature. Low temperature, high vacuum. Under various harsh conditions, such as impact vibration, it keeps its excellent sealing performance.

Use of equipment: petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, electricity, shipbuilding, gas, nuclear power, aerospace, textile, medicine, machinery and other industries pipelines, valves, pressure vessels, condensers, heat exchangers, towers, manhole, hand holes and other flange joints at the static seal parts.

Spiral Wound Gasket (can be called seal Spiral Wound Spiral Wound Gasket, all is until seal function a kind of seal ring or Spiral Wound Gasket) has the very high mechanical strength and the very good rebound characteristic characteristic, the Dongsheng seal ring tells you therefore is the most versatile half Spiral Wound Gasket.

This type of Spiral Wound Gasket series is used in the V-shaped section of metal tape sealing materials and non-metallic fillers staggered, winding into a spiral open and become a system standard shape.