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PTFE Packing Rings

Sep 14, 2016

PTFE packing rings of PTFE fibers as the main material, woven into the fabric (or into filler), PTFE-LaTeX mould pressing, sintering. This sealing ring sealing strong, high pressure, corrosion resistance and so on. Expanded graphite packing ring made of expanded graphite paper continuous winding, compression molding in a mold. It has excellent sealing material of all kinds of excellent performance, when used alone or used in combination with other fillers, especially suitable for high temperature and high pressure conditions of static sealing area. In addition to Wang, all media away from strong oxidizing acid safe to use.

Using temperature

450 c (oxidizing atmosphere) 650 c (non-oxidizing atmosphere)

Working pressure

25MPa (only for static sealing parts)

PH value of 0-14 four

Density: 1.50-1.70g/cm³

PTFE envelope gasket are asbestos-rubber sheets or non-asbestos sheet, cushions and Teflon-coated flakes combinations and, v (sectioning) PTFE PTFE envelope gaskets by mechanically turning into u-shaped (folding type) PTFE envelope gaskets PTFE heat bonded together. Both excellent corrosion resistance and good compression rebound rate, widely used in a variety of strong acid, strong alkali, oxidation, chlorine and refused to seal of contaminated media. Usually applies to medium and low pressure positions.