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Product Characteristics Of Graphite Reinforced Composite Sheet

May 12, 2020

1.Refractories: in the smelting industry, graphite is used to make graphite crucibles, ingot protectors

2.Conductive materials: in the electrical industry, graphite is widely used as electrode, brush, electric rod, carbon tube and the coating of TV picture tube.

3.Sealing materials: flexible graphite is used as piston ring gasket and sealing ring of centrifugal pump, water turbine, steam turbine and equipment conveying corrosive medium.

4.Heat insulation, high temperature resistance and radiation protection materials: graphite can be used as neutron retarder in nuclear reactor, nozzle of rocket, nose cone of missile, parts of aerospace equipment, heat insulation materials, radiation protection materials, etc.

Graphite composite sheet is composed of metal core plate and flexible-graphite coil material. It has two types of punching tooth type and bonding type. It can punch all kinds of gasket, such as air cushion of cylinder, drainage, water level gauge gasket, flange hot plate, gasket of valve intermediate channel gasket, etc. it is an ideal sealing material with wide application range and strong sealing performance. Graphite composite sheet has the characteristics of thermal stability, high strength and no cold flow. It can be made into a variety of circular and complex geometry gasket, such as water level gauge gasket, cylinder gasket, exhaust pipe gasket, ribbed strip heat exchanger gasket and so on.