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Non-Asbestos Rubber Sheet What Is The

May 10, 2017

Non-asbestos rubber sheet is also called non-asbestos board, it is a non-metallic materials as a filler, natural rubber, Dingqing plastic as a binder, organic, inorganic fiber frame, made by rolling the sealing plate. 100% does not contain asbestos. Is a substitute for imported asbestos products. Non-asbestos rubber sheet safety and environmental protection, for the processing of various gaskets.

Non-Asbestos Rubber Sheet Summary: non-asbestos rubber sheet is 100% non-asbestos, product safety and environmental protection.

Non-Asbestos Rubber Sheet Main use: Asbestos gasket and non-asbestos gasket is mainly used in chemical enterprises in the tower, tank, kettle, pressure vessel, pipe seal, but also for high temperature, high pressure, low temperature, low pressure water, saturated steam, Superheated steam, kerosene, gasoline and acid, alkali medium solution seal.

Non-Asbestos Rubber Sheet Main performance: to adapt to the maximum temperature of 500 ℃, the maximum pressure of 30MPa.

Main specifications: a variety of specifications asbestos gasket and non-asbestos gasket, and according to user requirements for the production of non-standard asbestos gasket and non-asbestos gasket.

Non-Asbestos Rubber Sheet Typical applications of non-asbestos rubber sheet:

Non-Asbestos Rubber Sheet Commonly used for engine gaskets, gearbox gaskets, oil pump gaskets, heat exchanger gaskets, turbocharger gaskets, air compressor pads, refrigeration compressor pads, valves and pump gaskets, cylinder mats Oil pad, fuel heater gasket, wall washers, water heater gaskets and so on.

Non-Asbestos Rubber Sheet General Fire Water Pipes, Steam Pipes, Sewage and Drinking Water Pipes, Coolant Foreheads, Fuel and Oil Transportation Pipes Flanges are also a very important application for non-asbestos rubber sheet materials.