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Non-Asbestos Rubber Sheet Moderate Hardness, Acid And Alkali Performance Is Good

Jul 04, 2017

Non-Asbestos Rubber Sheet is made of asbestos, rubber and packing. According to its formula, process, performance and use of different, mainly high pressure Non-Asbestos Rubber Sheet, medium and low pressure Non-Asbestos Rubber Sheet and oil Non-Asbestos Rubber Sheet, acid and other categories.

As a pipe flange, high pressure vessel flange and a variety of mechanical connection surface with the sealing material, can be used for punching a variety of acid and alkali requirements of the better sealing performance of the gasket. When used in general according to the requirements into a variety of shapes, size of the gasket.

Non-Asbestos Rubber Sheet is a commonly used sealing material, it is in the mechanical seal of the role of a large, so good sales in the market. Many products will be price fluctuations, rubber sheet is no exception, the season will affect the price of rubber plate?

There are many factors that affect the price of Non-Asbestos Rubber Sheet, the market supply and demand changes, raw material price movements and production technology innovation will affect the price of rubber sheet, but the season on the rubber sheet price is very small, almost negligible. The reason is because the mechanical and other equipment sealing and seasonal changes are not much contact, seasonal changes will not affect the mechanical rice, so the price of rubber sheet will not change with the seasons.

The Non-Asbestos Rubber Sheet, which is made of asbestos, filler and rubber, has a high popularity in the market. Many pipe flanges, high pressure vessel flanges and so on use this material. What is the prospect of its development? What?

Non-Asbestos Rubber Sheet mainly high, medium and low pressure rubber sheet, oil-resistant rubber plate and acid and alkali rubber plate and many other types, it is these different types, so that rubber panels in many areas have been applied. This plate hardness is moderate, acid and alkali performance is good, then minus 30 to 60 degrees Celsius between the acid-base liquid can work. This feature makes it in many machinery and pipes as a sealing material, and by the people of general concern.

Sealing industry is not stalled, Non-Asbestos Rubber Sheet is not perfect, it has a lot of their own lack of sealing material manufacturers are constantly making more improvements and new materials testing and production. Rubber plate in order to get better prospects for development, but also need to continue to innovate, and constantly improve the performance, access to more industry recognition.

Non-Asbestos Rubber Sheet and other products of the scope of application and their production materials are very related, no matter what you use in the process of integration of its characteristics is not changed, then we come to see our commonly used products are There are those. Resistant asbestos board, acid and alkali salt asbestos board, corrosion-resistant Non-Asbestos Rubber Sheet, fire moisture moisture asbestos board.

In the field of industrial construction, usually installed in the desulfurization system and the use of water treatment anti-corrosion effect.

In the field of storage, the product is generally used as a sealing material can ensure that objects will not occur for a long time deterioration, sealed.

In the metallurgical industry rubber sheet is generally used as a wear-resistant material.

Mechanical equipment in the application of rubber sheet, can play a very good shock absorption effect of effective protection of machinery and equipment, the way the external forces damage equipment affect product quality.