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New Technology And Equipment For Spiral Wound Gasket

Apr 04, 2018

Given China's manufacturers structural parameters of spiral wound gasket unified regulation, backward production technology, quality is not stable, and the status of the production efficiency is low, the seal company of similar products abroad and comprehensive Chinese empirical data, determine the structure parameters of the gasket material. In this paper, the control principle, structure and technological parameters of the process parameters in the production process of  spiral wound gasket are introduced. By using orthogonal test method to optimize the structure and process parameters, the optimum production process was obtained, and the new production equipment of spiral wound gasket was developed. This equipment is used to produce gaskets, optimum structural parameters, display and control of process parameters, and preset size, which can realize the automation of spiral wound gasket production process.


Optimization design of spiral wound gasket production process equipment.


Spiral wound gasket, as a kind of metal and nonmetal composite gasket, with its excellent performance in petroleum, chemical, electric power, machinery, pharmaceutical and other department of equipment and pipeline is widely used, its quality directly affect the safety of production equipment operation and operator's life safety. According to the preliminary investigation, the equipment of China's static sealing parts manufacturers is poor, the technology is backward, and the production of wound gasket is low, and the quality is very unstable. Structural parameters of spiral wound gasket, including metal and nonmetal belt conveyor belt width, the width of the steel strip forming Angle, forming with straight and no unified regulation, such as the length of the side of each manufacturer, according to their own experiences in the production of spiral wound gasket is not metal strips naked, is a non-metallic take out too much, directly affect the quality and appearance of the gasket. In addition, the current in the winding process, steel belt tensioning force and pressure force can continuously adjust and quantitative control, non-metallic filler with manually add, manual measuring size, low production efficiency, unstable product quality, human factors is very big, affect the mechanical properties and sealing performance of gaskets. Towards large scale and high parameters as industrial devices, the growing demand for high quality of spiral wound gasket, so the research of advanced production technology and equipment, to improve the quality of the spiral wound gasket has the very vital significance.


New process research.

1. Spiral Wound gasket structure parameters.

Spiral wound gasket is made up of metal and nonmetal formed and spiral winding together, forming in front of the metal and nonmetal belt width is in the analysis of the foreign famous seal companies such as Japan Valqua, Pillar and Flexitallic companies in the United States and China's manufacturers are determined on the basis of empirical data. The width of the metal flat belt of the winding gasket of the series of 4.5mm thickness is generally 5.1, 5.3 and 5.5mm, and the non-metal flat belt has different width according to different materials. The author only chose the flexible graphite strip which is widely used as the filling material, its width is 5.8 ~ 6.0mm.


At present, China is static seals manufacturer for different application conditions, the production of spiral wound gasket with different levels of pressure only reflect on the size and material of different, not considering the influence of the structure and process parameters on the gasket performance, this is China spiral wound gasket quality is not high, high temperature and high pressure conditions, the crux of the application is restricted. Through nearly 10 years of continuous research and improvement, the new production technology and equipment have been put into use, create the appearance of the spiral wound gasket and internal performance is significantly improved, reach or even exceed the quality level of similar foreign products, for spiral wound gasket used in high temperature and high pressure or temperature and pressure fluctuation situation provides a reliable guarantee.