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Graphite Plates

Sep 14, 2016

Graphite graphite carbon of the carbon plate made of high quality material, add acid very strong organic compounds. The high pressure molding, vacuum impregnation, high temperature heat treatment

Refining, with extraordinary resistance and heat-resistance, chemical industries phosphoric acid reaction tank, phosphate storage tanks and other equipment the ideal lining material.

Excellent corrosion-resistant properties

Products using high quality graphite carbon material, add acid very strong organic compound, effectively reduces the porosity of products, improve the volume density of products, products with excellent corrosion resistance and high wear resistance.

Stable performance and strong durability

This product uses the high strength organic rubber as Binder and introduced new high-tech additives, products high strength, good resistance to abrasion, the structure is extremely stable, changing product structure does not change with temperature.

Dimensions accuracy

Using molding products of good quality and dimension precision, user requirements and production of specific products, masonry construction technology requirements are adequately met.

Graphite carbon plate wear resistance, temperature resistance, pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, and creep resistance, oil-free lubrication, expansion coefficient, superior sealing characteristics.