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Graphite Packing Types

Sep 14, 2016

1. Compact and crystalline graphite packing

Dense crystalline graphite is also called bulk graphite. This type of graphite crystal clear crystals visible to the naked eye. Particles larger than 0.1 mm in diameter, surface area range set in 0.1-1m2/g, Crystal disorganized and compact massive structure. This: is characterized by a high grade of graphite, carbon 60~65%, sometimes 80~98%, but its good plasticity and slippery than graphite.

2. Flake graphite packing, graphite packing

Scales shape of graphite crystals; this was formed under high pressure metamorphism, there is difference between large scale and small scale. Such characteristics of graphite ore grade is not high, generally enriched until, or between the 10~25%. Is the best ore floatation of nature, after grinding election will get a high grade of graphite ore concentrates. Floatation of graphite, lubricity, plasticity are superior to other types of graphite; therefore its industrial value.

3. the aphanitic graphite, aphanitic graphite packing

Implicit quality also known as amorphous graphite or graphite, this graphite crystals generally less than 1 micrometer in diameter, surface area range set in 1-5m2/g, microcrystalline graphite is a collection of only when seen under an electron microscope, crystal. This graphite is the surface of the soil, lack luster, lubrication is poor. High grade. Of anti-sperm. A few as high as 90%. Ore less optional.