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Glass Fiber Pure Graphite Further Improve The Quality

Nov 03, 2017

With the rapid development of industrialization, the demand for fuel is increasing. The process of industrialization has also led to the deterioration of environmental pollution, the state's demand for environmental protection has been gradually improved. The use of pure oxygen combustion technology in the production of Glass Fiber Pure Graphite with high energy consumption and low emission has also become an inevitable trend. Pure oxygen combustion is a kind of oxidation reaction, that is, the fuel (natural gas, LPG, diesel, heavy oil) and oxygen at the high temperature of the intense oxidation reaction and glow fever. Traditional air combustion is the use of 21% of oxygen in the air to carry out combustion, about 78% of the air in the nitrogen at high temperature reacts with oxygen to produce a large number of harmful substances NOx, while taking part of the heat, air combustion efficiency is low, and waste energy pollution of the atmosphere. Improving the concentration of oxygen in the fuel-gas body is the key point of combustion efficiency, and using the oxygen of purity ≥91%, the air combustion technology is characterized by high flame temperature, fast heat conduction, high combustion efficiency and less exhaust emissions, etc.

The continuous improvement of environmental protection requirements, the pollution problem of boric acid and fluoride in the tail gas of Glass Fiber Pure Graphite is also becoming more and more prominent, because the price of boron-calcium stone and boron-magnesium stone is higher, the decrease of boron content also becomes the thought of reducing the cost in Glass Fiber Pure Graphite production, which has been developed without boron and fluorine. This material side of the melting temperature and molding temperature has been improved, the requirements of Glass Fiber Pure Graphite technology is also increased, the emergence of pure oxygen combustion technology to meet the requirements of glass on the melting temperature, but also meet the environmental requirements of energy saving and emission reduction. The use of pure oxygen combustion technology in the middle alkali and ordinary alkali-free fiberglass kiln can improve the temperature of the glass to clarify the homogenization effect, which can further improve the quality of the Glass Fiber Pure Graphite and enlarge the production capacity of the kiln in a certain degree.

According to the development and practical application of pure oxygen combustion technology, pure oxygen combustion in Glass Fiber Pure Graphite pool kiln is based on the combustion of combustion medium with purity ≥91% oxygen, which has the following characteristics relative to the traditional air combustion:

Pure oxygen combustion due to low nitrogen content, than air combustion when the turbidity of large, flame propagation speed, flame temperature, high radiation coefficient, glass liquid radiation enhancement, heat transfer to glass, high thermal efficiency, the melting rate increased. As the amount of flue gas is reduced,Glass Fiber Pure Graphite the hot spot of furnace flame is moving in the direction of feeding port, which can accelerate the melting of the mixture. At the same time, pure oxygen combustion flame wavelength is short, the penetration of e-glass is very good, the depth of the pool temperature gradient is small, can increase furnace melting rate, strengthen the clarification of glass liquid homogenization, improve the production and quality of glass, the largest furnace melting capacity of about 20%.

Pure oxygen combustion exhaust emissions reduced by more than 60%, not only reduce the power of nitrogen entry, but also greatly reduce the amount of heat emitted from the exhaust. The NOx in the exhaust gas also drops $number, correspondingly reduces the raw material volatilization,Glass Fiber Pure Graphite so SO2 and F2 discharge can descend 20%, the dust content also can reduce more than 50%, reduces the raw material's flying, saves the match material.

Pure oxygen combustion is a direct mixture of oxygen and gas combustion, in order to achieve the best stable combustion state requires a perfect system and precise control to adjust the gas and oxygen pressure and flow respectively. Meet the requirements of gas, oxygen into the pool kiln workshop, after filtration, pressure, according to the requirements of the combustion process, respectively,Glass Fiber Pure Graphite the furnace on both sides of the burner, mixed to burn. The gas quantity and the kiln Flame space control point temperature interlock, along with the temperature change, by the precise flow control valve automatic adjustment kiln stove each gun's gas quantity, the corresponding oxygen quantity also by the precision flow control valve proportional adjustment, guaranteed the combustion to be sufficient. In the gas system need to set up flowmeter, voltage regulator valve, fast cut-off valve, precision flow control valve and the parameters of the variable transmitter, etc., to ensure that the system safe and stable gas supply and combustion integrity.