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Gland Packing Packaging Containers For Its Easy To Use And Rapid Development

Jul 04, 2017

Gland Packing, also known as closed, Gland Packinged, refers to the packaging containers installed products, in order to ensure that the contents of the goods in the transport, storage and sales process to retain the container, and to avoid contamination of the various closed process. Packaging Gland Packinging methods and the use of materials and components of many types, such as adhesive cover, heat Gland Packinging and Gland Packinging and so on. Gland Packinged packaging is a more complex process technology, designers in the design of Gland Packinged packaging, to consider a number of factors.

Gland Packinging is the most fundamental and essential function of any package, which ensures that the article is effectively moisture-proof and isolated from the air. The word "Gland Packing" literally means that the wrapper in the packaging container and the outside world can not be exchanged at all. In fact, there is little absolute packing. Almost all of the packaging is without exception, there are Gland Packinged devices, and the success of the packaging is always dependent on its Gland Packinging performance is valid or not. The glass bottle is able to preserve long-term moisture-sensitive products, relying entirely on the effective Gland Packinging properties of the glass bottle itself. If the size of the Gland Packinging cap is deviated, if the high permeability, low barrier type material is selected for casting, the glass bottle will lose its Gland Packinging function and become useless. Gland Packinging technology is the basis of Gland Packinged packaging, designed no matter how good the packaging, if the Gland Packinging process is not up to standard, it will make the packaging Gland Packing loss.

Convenient function is one of the three major functions of commodity packaging, convenient features include convenient production, easy storage and transportation, easy display and sales, easy to open and use and easy to handle. Transport packaging to facilitate the retailer to open, sales and packaging to facilitate the consumer to open and use. Like a transport carton with a sewing thread opening mouth, a carton with a tape Gland Packing and a cans are easy to open. Easy to use is to use a concise language or icon, to consumers to use a product approach and precautions. In daily life, often encounter food packaging difficult to open the situation. Such as metal canned food, there are many similar problems, but also in the open packaging may cause harm to the human body, such as scratches, cut hands and so on. Plastic food bag packaging also has a similar problem, a lot of people in the travel or leisure, because there is no carrying around the open tool, there have been embarrassing situation, this package to the consumer a lot of inconvenience. In addition, this difficult to open the packaging, the health status of food is also a threat, such as plastic composite tear caused the printing material and food contact. At the same time, such a difficult to open the packaging once opened, there is also the problem can not be repeated Gland Packinged, resulting in food contamination. However, with the improvement of the process and the renewal of the material, the easy-to-open packaging containers are developed with ease and ease of use. On the other hand, with the cans, self-styled bags, easy to open cans and rotary glass bottles to replace the past part of the round cans, the volume of the first round, the use of easy to open materials such as composite plastic film, aluminum and other parts of the past to replace the tinplate; Type glass bottles and so on. In addition, in order to meet the athletes in the campaign do not have to stop the requirements of drinking, the United States a packaging company designed and produced a pull-type cap. The bottle is designed to have a suction bottle mouth, which will be caught in the bike's water bottle holder for consumers to drink while riding. Canada has long been engaged in meat processing company, developed a new polyester material packaging, the top of the thermoformed polyvinylidene chloride co-extruded film Gland Packinging, so that consumers can now open the packaging without difficulty, enjoy fresh Meat delicious food.

Food hygiene as the basic requirements of food packaging, not only refers to the food before reaching the consumer to ensure that food is not affected by external factors, and the packaging can be completed in the food consumption (non-one-time), still able to maintain health, Need food packaging with repeated closed structure. Whether it is paper or plastic, most of the bag structure, in the health and safety aspects of the common shortcomings, that is, a Gland Packing, the whole bag of food must be a complete consumption, which is difficult for most food packaging Done it. Some of the food packaging on the market do better, such as the packaging of the wave of seaweed, the installation of wave of seaweed can be used repeatedly Gland Packinged zipper structure of plastic bags, can be repeated several times to open and closed, and thus get the relative health and safety