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Gland Packing Improve The Quality And Efficiency Of Testing

Oct 25, 2017

Gland Packing Gland Packing, Gland Packing, refers to the packaging container after the product, in order to ensure that the contents of the goods in the transport, storage and sale process kept in the container, and to avoid contamination of various closed processes. Gland Packing methods and the use of materials and components, such as adhesive cover, heat Gland Packing and Gland Packing. Gland Packing is a relatively complex process technology, designers in the design of Gland packaging, to consider various factors.

Gland Packing is the most fundamental and important function of any packaging, it can ensure that the goods are effectively moisture-proof and isolated from the air. The literal meaning of the word "Gland Packing" usually means that there is no exchange between the packaging in the packaging container and the outside thing. In fact, there are very few absolutely Gland Packing. Almost all packages are Gland Packing without exception, and successful packaging always depends on the effectiveness of their Gland Packing properties. Glass bottles can be long-term preservation of high humidity sensitive products, completely rely on the glass bottle itself effective Gland Packing. If the size of the Gland Packing covers a deviation, if the casting when the selection of high permeability, low barrier-type material, then the glass bottle will lose its Gland Packing function and become useless. Gland Packing technology is the basis of Gland packag, design a good packaging, if Gland Packing process is not standard, it will make the packaging of the loss of Gland Packing.

The positive pressure tightness tester is the system uses the positive pressure method test principle, by the microcomputer control, expands the inhibition, the expansion not suppresses the double test method, the rupture test, the creep test, the creep to the rupture test various test modes to distinguish the specimen Gland Packing performance. Applicable to a variety of hot Gland Packing, bonding process of the formation of soft packaging parts, aseptic packaging parts, Gland Packing strength of each edge, heat Gland Packing quality, as well as the whole bag bursting pressure, Gland Packing leakage performance of quantitative measurement, plastic anti-theft cap Gland Packing performance of quantitative measurement, the overall Gland Packing performance of the hose, compressive strength, the strength of the cap, the strength of the joint, Quantitative determination of Gland Packing strength and bonding strength of hot Gland Packing edge; At the same time, it can also be used to evaluate the compressive strength and bursting strength of the materials, such as the Gland Packing index of closures, the tensile strength of closures, the stress strength of the material, the Gland Packing property of the whole bottle, the compressive resistance and the bursting resistance.

In the food, pharmaceutical industry, the use of a wide range of when the negative pressure method tightness tester. With the extension of automation technology tentacles, pharmaceutical machinery and equipment enterprises to make use of this. The improved automatic Gland Packing tester can better meet the requirement of Gland Packing test and improve the quality and efficiency of testing. Automatic Gland Packing tester for the advantages of highlighting, applicable to drug packaging with soft packaging bags, blister packaging, oral solid medicine bottles, oral liquid bottles, Xilin bottles, external liquid bottles, butyl rubber plug, glass bottles, vacuum bags and other products Gland Packing and tightness test. Widely used in food manufacturers, pharmaceutical enterprises, packaging plants, quality inspection agencies and other units.