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Gland Packing Improve The Quality And Efficiency Of Testing

Oct 11, 2017

Medicinal plastic bottles are the main packaging materials of pharmaceutical tablets, the biggest feature is the quality of light, not fragile, clean, beautiful, with very good chemical resistance, water vapor permeability of the seal, sealed intact packaging can be The drug installed in the validity period to play a protective role in the protection of the shield, on the contrary, the packaging of the packaging of the container is not good lead to damp, deterioration, and chemical reflection of the air.

Industry experts said that in the production of tablet packaging process, due to the production of more links, it may cause the production of tablet bottles capping too loose, pressure or the material itself cracks, micropores, and the formation of internal and external connectivity Hole or weak weakness. These will have a very negative impact on the tablet, a direct impact on the quality of tablet products. Especially the naked eye is difficult to observe the small holes, causing the drug part of the direct exposure to the air, affecting the quality of drugs. Therefore, the sealing test of tablet packaging is essential and must be tested with the relevant Gland Packing tester.

It is understood that the current market Gland Packing tester variety, and according to the different principles of the test can be divided into negative pressure sealing test instrument and positive pressure sealing tester, the former is used in vacuum test , The latter using positive pressure to restart the principle.

Among them, the positive pressure sealing tester is the system using positive pressure test principle, by the microcomputer control, expansion inhibition, expansion non-suppression double test method, fracture test, creep test, creep to rupture test a variety of test mode to determine the judge The sealing performance of the specimen. Applicable to a variety of heat sealing, bonding process to form the soft package, aseptic packaging, the sealing of the sealing strength, heat sealing quality, and the whole bag burst pressure, sealing leakage performance of the quantitative determination of plastic anti-theft caps Measurement of the sealing performance, the overall sealing performance of the hose, the compressive strength, the strength of the cap body, the strength of the plug, the sealing strength of the heat sealing edge, the strength of the tie and the like, but also the material used for the flexible packaging bag Compressive strength, broken strength and other indicators, cap torque seal index, cap connection trip strength, the stress strength of the material, as well as the entire bottle sealing, compression, breakability and other indicators to assess the analysis.

Negative pressure sealing test instrument principle is different from the positive pressure method, the tester is through the vacuum chamber vacuum, so that the sample immersed in water to produce internal and external pressure difference, observe the sample outside the gas situation, to determine The sealing performance of the specimen was determined by vacuuming the vacuum chamber, producing internal and external pressure difference of the sample, observing the sample expansion and releasing the shape of the specimen after the vacuum was released. More suitable for food, pharmaceutical, medical equipment, cosmetic, automotive, electronic components, stationery and other industries bags, bottles, tubes, cans, boxes and other sealing test. Can also be carried out by the drop, the pressure test after the test of the sealing performance test.

In the food and pharmaceutical industry, the use of a wide range of negative pressure when the sealing tester. With the extension of the extension of the technology, pharmaceutical machinery and equipment enterprises to be used. Improve the automatic sealing tester after the upgrade can better meet the needs of sealing test, improve the quality and efficiency of testing. Automatic sealing tester for the advantages of highlighting for pharmaceutical packaging with flexible packaging bags, blister packaging, oral solid medicine bottles, oral liquid bottles, Xilin bottles, topical liquid bottles, butyl rubber stopper, glass bottles, vacuum bags and other products Of the sealing and adhesion test. Widely used in food manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, packaging plants, quality inspection agencies and other units.

With the accelerated socio-economic development, as well as food and drug safety requirements, Gland Packing detector usher in a greater opportunity. I believe that, in order to meet the needs of the equipment quality, performance parameters, the scope of application, equipment manufacturers, after-sales service, are the factors to consider buyers. Therefore, in a competitive environment, Gland Packing detector manufacturers need some time, from the details of the start, do every part of the work in order to protect the safety of food and medicine.