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Gland Packing Environmental Performance, But Also Reduce The Waste

Aug 03, 2017

Product labeling is the key to branding and consumer goods, is the most simple form of promotional products. Today, many companies are innovating their label technologies, such as shape, weight, appearance and branding.

   Flexible packaging has been to provide consumers with more convenient use of the direction of the function of development. Similarly, repeatable Gland Packing labels give the company a new marketing option, with its open flexibility to enhance its brand. Reusable Seal Packaging labels are widely used to demonstrate high quality graphics for branding, as well as cost savings, high operating efficiency, and reduced waste due to their excellent environmental performance.

 Some of the end industries that use repeatable packaging labels include food, wine, health, beauty, beverages, pharmaceuticals, home and personal care. Gland Packing labels can be used as a product lid, making it lighter, user experience better and more convenient.

 Because repeatable packaging labels have a wide range of market applications, manufacturers also like various types of Gland Packing labels, and through a variety of printing methods to achieve, such as screen printing, laminating, reverse printing, Braille printing, stripping and reading Take sample, and QR code technology. Companies can choose multiple types of tag solutions based on budget and product type. In order to increase the impact of Gland Packing labels, such enterprises are also committed to adding different functions, such as through double-sided printing to expand the printing area. Repackable packaging labels allow manufacturers to customize labels according to customer needs.

Geographically, the world's repeatable Gland Packing label market can be divided into five regions: North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America and Middle East - Africa (MEA). At present, the North American market is in a leading position, followed by the European market. The main factor driving the growth of the region's market is the need to maintain the flavor and texture of the product itself. Repackable packaging labels can be waterproof, oil and any other liquids. In the next few years, the Asia-Pacific region's repeatable Gland Packing label market growth may grow significantly, as its growth is very fast and many new companies are making progress on the market. Asia-Pacific market has a huge competitive edge, each brand is improving its ability to innovate.

In recent years, the production of pharmaceuticals, packaging requirements more stringent. Among them, pharmaceutical packaging machinery enterprises, pharmaceutical companies involved in the process of packaging the main body. So how can the drug package be safer? Pharmaceutical packaging machinery enterprises should strengthen the research and development of equipment,Gland Packing focusing on the combination of quality and innovation, eliminate low-quality, low-capacity, low-tech products. At the same time, pharmaceutical packaging enterprises also need to do a good job related to drug packaging testing work, so as to do nothing.

Drug leakage, leakage phenomenon

It is understood that drugs in the packaging, often there will be leakage, leakage phenomenon. Among them, the leakage is due to the existence of certain factors,Gland Packing so that should be heated by the fusion of the site, not sealed. There are four main reasons:

Heat sealing temperature is not enough. The same packaging materials in different heat sealing parts require different heat sealing temperature, different packaging speed requirements of the heat sealing temperature is different, different packaging ambient temperature requirements of the heat sealing temperature is also different. In addition, for the heat sealing equipment,Gland Packing there is also the problem of temperature control accuracy;

Sealing parts are contaminated. In the filling process of the packaging, the sealing material of the packaging material is often contaminated by the packaging;

Equipment and operational aspects of the problem. Such as heat sealing mold folder with foreign body, heat sealing pressure is not enough, heat sealing mold is not parallel and so will cause leakage phenomenon;

Packaging materials. Such as corona, too much heat sealant slip agent caused by bad heat and so on.

Industry experts said that in order to timely detection of drug packaging leakage problems, in addition to the staff on-line detection, but also need to be equipped with the appropriate sealing tester,Gland Packing leakage and sealing strength tester and other equipment to leak and leak test.

Intelligent seal tester more accurate to determine the drug packaging seal

Seal tester for food, pharmaceutical, medical equipment, cosmetic, automotive, electronic components, stationery and other industries bags, bottles, tubes, cans, boxes and other sealing test. Can also be carried out by the drop, the pressure test after the test of the sealing performance test. It is through the vacuum chamber vacuum, so that the sample immersed in water to produce internal and external pressure difference, observe the sample outside the gas outside the situation, in order to determine the sealing performance of the sample;Gland Packing by vacuum chamber vacuum, so that the sample produced Internal and external pressure difference, observe the sample expansion and release the vacuum after the sample shape recovery, in order to determine the sealing performance of the sample.

With the development of automation and intelligent technology, the intelligent sealing tester has been widely used in pharmaceutical, food and other industries because of the higher precision of detection, microcomputer control, "one button" operation and so on. It is understood that the intelligent seal tester in the traditional seal tester on the basis of a more comprehensive function. Mainly applicable to a variety of heat sealing, bonding process to form the soft package, aseptic packaging and other sealing edge of the sealing strength, heat sealing quality, and the whole bag burst pressure, sealing leakage performance of the quantitative determination of various plastic anti-theft The sealing performance of the cap seal, the overall sealing performance of various hoses,Gland Packing the compressive strength, the connection strength of the cap body, the strength of the tripping, the sealing strength of the heat sealing edge, the strength of the tie and the like, and the flexible packaging bag The compressive strength of the materials used, the breaking strength and other indicators, the cap torque seal index, the cap connection trip strength, the stress strength of the material, and the whole bottle sealing, compressive resistance, breakability and other indicators to assess analysis.