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Gland Packing Choose Materials

May 10, 2017

Gland Packing Refers to the packaging containers installed products, in order to ensure that the contents of the goods in the transport, storage and sales process retained in the container or bags, and to avoid contamination, damage and a variety of closed process. Sealed packaging methods and the use of a wide variety of materials and components, such as adhesive cover, heat sealing and sealing and so on. Sealed packaging is a more complex process technology, designers in the design of sealed packaging, to consider a number of factors.

Gland Packing Sealing is the most fundamental and essential function of any package, which ensures that the article is effectively moisture-proof and isolated from the air. The word "seal" literally means that the wrapper in the packaging container and the outside world can not be exchanged at all. In fact, there is little absolute packing. Almost all of the packaging is without exception, there are sealed devices, and the success of the packaging is always dependent on its sealing performance is valid or not. The glass bottle is able to preserve long-term moisture-sensitive products, relying entirely on the effective sealing properties of the glass bottle itself. 

Gland Packing If the size of the sealing cap is deviated, if the high permeability, low barrier type material is selected for casting, the glass bottle will lose its sealing function and become useless. Sealing technology is the basis of sealed packaging, designed no matter how good the packaging, if the sealing process is not up to standard, it will make the packaging seal loss.

Gland Packing Economic rationality is the basic basis for selecting sealed packaging materials. In the choice of sealing packaging materials, not only to consider the nature of the packaging, but also should be considered the value of the packaging, for high-end products or high value-added products, should use the price, performance is relatively high sealing packaging materials. For affordable products, in addition to consider the beautiful, but also to consider the economy, the materials used should be equal. For the lower price of the product, to ensure its safety, to maintain its protection at the same time, should pay attention to affordable, the choice of low-cost sealed packaging materials.

Gland Packing The choice of sealed packaging materials should take full account of the flow conditions, climatic conditions. Circulation conditions to a large extent around the choice of packaging materials, circulation conditions, including climate, mode of transport, circulation objects and circulation cycle. Climatic conditions are sealed packaging materials should be adapted to the flow of the region temperature, humidity, temperature and so on. 

Gland Packing The choice of sealed packaging material should also depend on the expected shelf life of the package, the need for re-closing after opening, and the requirements for the product image. Some of the properties of packaging materials are known to us, and these properties and data provide a great directive to our selection of materials. If a sealed package is designed to be reused many times, the flexibility of the plastic material becomes very important, especially for the cast-type cap and the hinge cover. Packaging materials and decorative options will also directly affect the product in the market image, so we often have to take into account the material decoration effect.