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Gasket The Most Critical Step In Achieving Effective Sealing

Oct 25, 2017

The careful design and reasonable selection of Gasket are important for the effective work of Gasket. However, after detailed calculation and reasonable selection of the gasket, if in the actual application of the installation is not good, it is not possible to expect his other sealing effect, to achieve the desired sealing effect; the installation of good management, the service life of the gasket will be shortened, so reasonable installation of Gasket, Is the most critical step in achieving an effective seal. At the same time in operation, for those easily leaking connectors, targeted, focused on the regular maintenance, strengthen management, but also to ensure the equipment and management system stable and reliable operation of the necessary measures.

1, before installation, should check whether the form of the flange to meet the requirements, the cover of the roughness is qualified, inorganic damage, radial nicks and rust.

2, the following inspection of screw and nut: the material, form and size of bolts and nuts are in accordance with the requirements, the nut in the screw on the rotation of the staff live freely, do not shake, for the thread is not allowed to break the phenomenon; bolts do not allow bending.

3, check the gasket: the material, form, size of the gasket to meet the requirements, whether and flange seal face matching. GASKET surface is not allowed to have mechanical damage, radial nicks, serious corrosion, internal and external edge glass loss and other defects.

4, the installation of oval, human angle section metal gasket should be inspected before the size of the washer is the same size as the trapezoidal-shaped flange, whether the surface roughness of the groove in accordance with the baby. Apply red lead and Shantou on the washer contact surface to check if the contact is good. If the contact is bad, should grind.

5, before the installation of Gasket. Should check whether the pipe and flange installed quality is the most: partial mouth, wrong mouth, open mouth, wrong hole and so on.

Although the gasket is small, it can become a close junction between the parts of the excavator. So this article mainly for the use of Gasket, easy to ignore the details for everyone to do a detailed explanation.

Before the correct use of the gasket, we must first be clear, the gasket in the end how to play its huge role? The role of the gasket in addition to prevent parts from leaking oil, leakage, leakage, leakage, but also some of the tension Guyan loose effect.

Through the role of the above gasket, we can see that if the correct use of Gasket, too thick or not suitable for the correct type of gasket, between the parts will certainly appear oil leakage, leakage and other fault phenomenon.