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Gasket Clamping Parts, Reducing Pressure, Maintaining Parts

Nov 03, 2017

Gasket is a high-precision, high hardness of sheet data refining, usually used in fine molds and fine metal adjustment and measurement, perhaps as a cushion block, so called Gasket. Sometimes called a mold gasket or fine gap piece.

The material of Gasket is selected original imported stainless steel and high carbon and brass three kinds of data are made by heat treatment finishing, with fine degree, strong tensile strength, good finish, patience, not easy to break characteristics. In the meantime the material of high carbon steel has certain elasticity. The material of stainless steel is patience is very good, not easy to break.

Use: for electronic instruments, mold making, fine machinery, metal parts, mechanical parts, stamping parts, small hardware production. Mold repair, mold measurement gap and mechanical aging as a result of shaking, shaking and unstable appearance, you can choose this product to deal with machine repair questions.

1, the gasket is necessary to be placed in the flange of the base, in the face of the surface flange is particularly important;

2, in order to ensure the use of gasket life, please do not use liquid or metal matrix of the adhesive or lubricants

3, it is necessary to use washers to ensure uniform load, fastening bolts when using torque wrench;

4. Ensure the flatness and machining accuracy of the sealing surface;

5, it is necessary to evenly symmetrical fastening joint bolts;

6, after the system runs one day, view and proofread the torque of the connecting bolt from the beginning.

1, with the nut screws, the role of the gasket is: to increase the touch area, reduce pressure, maintenance parts and screws.

2, the gasket refers to the use of paper, rubber sheet or copper sheet, placed between the two planes to strengthen the seal of information, in order to avoid fluid leakage in the static sealing surface between the sealing elements.

3, the gasket is the mechanical seal between two objects,Gasket usually to avoid the pressure between the two objects, corrosion, and the pipeline natural expansion and contraction leakage. Because the machined surface can not be perfect, the use of gaskets can be filled with irregular. Gaskets are usually made of flaky materials such as pads, rubber, silicone rubber, metal, cork, felt, neoprene,Gasket nitrile rubber, fiberglass or plastic polymers (such as Teflon). Specific use of gaskets may be rich in asbestos.

4, usually the screws with nuts are fixed in the through hole, the diameter of the hole is usually slightly greater than the screw, therefore,Gasket the demand gasket to increase the touch area. Maintain parts. Lock parts, reduce pressure, maintain parts and screws.

Expanded graphite, also known as flexible graphite, is a high-quality flake graphite through chemical treatment, high temperature instantaneous swelling modified, can be machined into a variety of sealing products. It not only insists on the original excellent chemical function of natural graphite, but also adds many excellent mechanical functions, it is an ideal sealing gasket material with wide application scope and strong sealing ability. The main functions are as follows:

1, density: The bulk density of graphite is 1.08g/cm3,Gasket the bulk density of expanded graphite is 0.002~0.005g/cm3, the product density is 0.8~1 8g/cm3. Therefore, the material quality of expanded graphite is light and malleable;

2, Purity: fixed carbon content in about 98%, and even beyond 99%, enough to satisfy the atomic energy, aerospace and other industrial sectors in high-purity seals requirements;

3, temperature: Theoretically speaking, the expansion of graphite can accept -200c to 3000c. As a filler seal, can be used safely in -200c~800c. With low temperature not brittle, not aging, high temperature does not soften, deformation, undifferentiated excellent function;

4, corrosion-resistant: chemical lazy, in addition to strong oxidants such as aqua, nitric acid, sulfuric acid and halogen of some specific temperature, can be used to acid, alkali, salt solution, seawater, steam organic solvents, and most of the medium;

5, excellent thermal conductivity and small thermal expansion coefficient, its parameters close to the universal sealing equipment dual data of the same order of magnitude, at high temperature, deep cold and temperature changes in the working conditions can also be well sealed.