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Different Applications Of Flexible Graphite

Aug 20, 2020

Flexible graphite is heat-resistant, fire-resistant, chemical-resistant, electrically conductive, conformable, compressible, thermally conductive, and provides low creep relaxation.

Therefore, flexible graphite can be used in many applications, but mainly for fluid sealing and thermal management.


Flexible graphite is used in fluid seal products to meet the needs of high temperature applications. These applications include seal and gasket systems, compression packing, and fluid sealing materials.

Flexible graphite solutions are used for critical fluid sealing in a wide range of global industries including power generation, petrochemical refining, automotive, and aerospace. Flexible graphite solution is easy to install, low maintenance costs, reduce stem shaft wear, no leakage operation.


Flexible graphite is a key factor in thermal management. It makes the heat distribution more uniform to eliminate hot spots. It also provides the ability for workers to perform a more durable construction because it lasts longer and is inert to most chemical agents.

Flexible graphite can also be used as a good thermal insulation material for energy storage configuration, because the system can maintain a given temperature even after power failure. With flexible graphite, you’re able to reach desired temperatures at set points more efficiently so you use less energy while achieving the same result.