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Why Spiral wound gasket can be approved by the end-user

Nov 08, 2019

In many areas of our life for the application of sealing materials is very important, these sealing materials are very complete, Spiral wound gasket is a commonly used product, the product in the history of use of the product has been recognized by everyone. We will give you a detailed introduction below.

spiral wound gasket marking

The name of the Spiral wound gasket has the word "metal", indicating that it is used in a material of metal material, which can strengthen its strength, so that it is not vulnerable to damage. The compression performance and resilience of this product are very good, so it can play an excellent sealing effect when using. This product in the application, for the flange compression surface defects will not be too sensitive, so it will not be glued to the flange seal surface phenomenon, so it is also very convenient when disassembled. This product eliminates some of the pressure that exists, but also resists temperature changes and mechanical vibrations, and can show stable performance. With the continuous development of our society, the application of Spiral wound gasket is more and more extensive.

The above is an introduction to the knowledge of Spiral wound gasket we have brought to us why Spiral wound gasket manufacturers are recognized by everyone