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What is the effect of the outer reinforcement ring or outer ring material mixed with solid metal?

Mar 25, 2020

Helps align the sealing elements during installation;

Prevent the sealing element from being over-compressed and damaged; prevent the gasket from blowing out and reduce the flange rotation.

The outer reinforcing ring is not in contact with the sealing medium, so it is not required to be resistant to medium corrosion, so it is often made of carbon steel. The outer reinforcing ring can also be integrated with the sealing element, such as metal toothed gaskets, wave tooth composite gaskets.

The inner reinforcing ring or inner ring is in contact with the fluid, and its material should be able to resist the corrosion of the sealing medium. The role of the inner strengthening ring is:

Prevent the gap between the sealing element and the container or pipe flange. The size of this gap interferes with the flow of the fluid and the impact of the fluid on the gasket directly.