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What are the precautions for storage seals?

Jan 14, 2021

1. If necessary, do not open the envelope bag, otherwise the dust will stick to the envelope bag or scratch envelope bag.

2. Store in a cool place, and do not place it directly in direct sunlight. UV and water vapor accelerate the deterioration of rubber and plastic and lead to size changes.

3. When storing unpackaged products, be careful not to stick or wrap impurities, and store them as they are. To prevent size changes caused by moisture, nylon should be sealed.

4. Do not place sealing rings near the heat source, such as boilers, stoves, etc.

5. Do not place the seal ring near the motor or the place where ozone is generated.

6. Do not hang the needle, wire and rope on the seal, which will deform the seal and damage the lip.

7. Sometimes the color change or white powder (Frost) appears on the sealing surface, but it does not affect the sealing performance.

8. Combined PTFE ring, such as falling or suffering from external impact force, is easy to scratch, and should be handled with special care.