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What are the advantages of spiral wound gaskets?

Jun 18, 2020

Wrapped gaskets are simply referred to as wound gaskets, which are made of metal steel tape and non-metallic filler tape.

Advantages: This kind of gasket has the advantages of simple manufacturing, low price, full use of materials and better sealing performance, and is widely used in petrochemical process pipelines.

Applicable parameters: Applicable nominal pressure is below 4.0MPa, applicable temperature range, the temperature of No. 08 steel can reach 450℃, and the winding pad made of 0Cr13 steel strip can be used up to 540℃. The thickness of the gasket is generally 4.5mm. When the diameter is greater than 1000mm, the thickness of the gasket is 6~7mm. The thickness of the positioning ring is about 3mm.