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There is no difference between asbestos board and Non-asbestos Fiber Sheet.

Sep 23, 2020

Generally speaking, the ASBESTOS-FREE GASKET or Non-asbestos Fiber Sheet mentioned in European and American countries refer to the GASKET that is 100% FREE of ASBESTOS. It should be said that it can be translated into Chinese as "asbestos-free gasket" or "Non-asbestos Fiber Sheet"

(1) can only one non-asbestos gasket replace the traditional General asbestos rubber gasket? 

In general, it is difficult to find such asbestos-free gaskets, because the general asbestos-free board not only has high temperature resistance and chemical resistance, but also the general asbestos rubber gaskets, namely rubber fiber board, are mainly aramid Butyl Rubber Board with high oil resistance. Polytetrafluoroethylene material is required for corrosion resistance, and graphite material is mostly used for high-temperature industrial and mining. 

2) Why are general asbestos rubber gaskets more brittle and easy to break than Non-asbestos Fiber Sheet?

The proportion of fiber contained in CFS is low and the content of filler is high, while the fiber content of non-asbestos gasket is generally 70-80% to maintain good tensile strength.

(3) What problems should be paid attention to when selecting Non-asbestos Fiber Sheet?   choose a reliable and reputable manufacturer;   should comprehensively consider the temperature, pressure, medium, flange, Bolt, nut and other conditions.