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The advantage of Graphite Reinforced Sheet

Nov 18, 2020

  According to different technical requirements, the graphite sheet, graphite gasket can be treated with anti-oxidation treatment, impermeability treatment and strengthening treatment, so as to improve the service performance and prolong the service life.


Tanged Graphite Sheet

1. It has good isotropy and has nothing to do with size, shape and sampling direction.


2. The structure is uniform, compact and has strong antioxidant capacity.


3. Excellent self-lubrication.


4. Good chemical resistance.


5. High thermal conductivity and thermal stability.


6. Sufficient mechanical strength and impact resistance.


7. It is easy to machine and can be processed into various geometric shapes according to the requirements.


Graphite reinforced sheet is composed of metal core sheet and flexible graphite roll. There are usually two kinds, Tanged or flat sheet.  It can be used to make various kinds of gaskets, such as exhausted gasket, flange gasket, automobile gasket, valve gasket, etc. it is an ideal sealing material with wide application range and strong sealing performance.