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Selected correct structure of Spiral wound gasket

Mar 13, 2018

  In the case of spiral wound gaskets, the application of such products, once the structural shape has bad design, size has a larger error, will not be able to obtain a good installation state, in the poor installation effect, the GASKET function is necessarily bad, life will not be too long.

Inconel spiral woun gasket.jpg

  Therefore, when you buy the gasket, it is necessary to choose the structure, especially to ensure that the selected gasket has the following structure: Material suitable: Different application to Spiral wound gasket will have different performance and quality requirements, which need to choose the corresponding kind of production materials to be able to meet.

  From this point of view, we are required to ensure that the choice of gaskets in the material suitable for the basic applicability of the guarantee.

  Reasonable appearance: Although different Spiral wound gasket in the shape of the difference is not very large, but for different applications, the specific size of its shape will have different requirements, so we need to ensure that the choice of gaskets in the form of reasonable, to ensure that the application can be suitable for normal installation. Precise size: Spiral wound gaskets must have a very precise size, the overall structure of the applicability will be very good, this will be installed when the excellent results can be achieved, reliable seal, so that the function of a good performance.