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PTFE gasket performance and application range

Apr 18, 2018

PTFE gaskets, because of its soft, compression ratio is big, three-dimensional space forming easily, can be embedded into the micro cracks and crack damage repair plugging, especially in acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance and non-metallic devices, large diameter of container connection effect, can effective protection device of brittle material. For such as glass, ceramics, graphite, plastic and other non-metal devices, very special effect. It can compensate and balance on defect, mechanical processing, rigid deformation dislocation, installation error, prestressing force balance uneven, can effectively solve complex under the condition of leakage problems of various kinds of facilities.


Ptfe gasket is a new kind of sealing products, is a breakthrough in the field of new technologies at home and abroad in the seal, it changed the traditional static seal use way, is a new concept of high quality practical sealing tape, extensive significance is a comprehensive functional sealing products. Teflon gasket, with its excellent performance, replaces the sealing tape of ptfe seal tape and other sealing materials, and is more and more popular in various types of seal industry. It can effectively prevent all kinds of mechanical equipment, fuel tank cover, cylinder cover, gear box cover, all kinds of pipe flange, equipment, storage containers, towers, tanks, especially the nonmetallic industrial production facilities such as leakage, improved sealing effectiveness, is the industrial production enterprises and related industries for gas, liquid medium "run, run, drip, leak," radical leak effective tool.