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Problems needing attention in the use of spiral woundgasket manufacturers

Jun 06, 2018

The spiral wound gasket manufacturer can choose the suitable gasket first according to the basic conditions in the construction engineering and the plane shape of the flange sealed. The spiral wound gasket manufacturer is a more prominent type in the present sealing material industry. Its structure is intertwined with the V or W steel strip and the filler. And then, we will introduce some problems needing attention in the use of spiral wound gaskets.


It has good heat resistance, low temperature, low temperature, and high pressure or vacuum conditions. It can also solve the chemical corrosion of some material to the gasket by changing the material of the gasket. The compression ratio rebound rate and sealing performance of the gasket should be paid attention to when the cushion is good. These are the more important indexes of the spiral wound gasket manufacturer. While the compression ratio is satisfied, the better the rebound performance is, the wound surface should be selected when the wound surface should not have the damage of the seal performance.


The surface should be smooth and smooth, the surface of the gasket should be smooth and smooth. The surface of the gasket should be evenly and properly high out of the metal belt. The texture of the surface should be clear, but the metal belt should not be leaked out. The spacing of the connection points of the metal wound gasket should be uniformly distributed, the top and bottom cover and the addition of the main body of the gasket are added. The upper and lower surfaces of the strong rings should be tightly connected with the gasket bodies, so there should be no loosening.


The low spiral wound gasket should never be replaced by a low material cushion, which will cause the material to corrode and cause the gasket to disappear, and we need to pay attention to the selection.