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Precautions for the use of spiral wound gasket

Jan 16, 2018

Spiral wound gasket using high-quality SUS304 and SUS316 ("V" or "W" shape) metal belt and other alloy materials with graphite, asbestos, PTFE, non asbestos soft material such as overlapping spiral wound together, at the beginning and end of the metal belt is fixed by welding. The metal winding pad is a more advanced type of gasket. The gasket is not completely made of metal, but a part of the metal element in the seal. It helps to improve the sealing effect of the metal winding pad, and also allows the cushion to have better resilience.


The metal winding pad is a special type of gasket, which is suitable for the occasion and equipment of this kind of gasket. Metal winding mats are also the main advantages of showing a sealed gasket during use. First, this type of gasket can change the gasket material according to the demand in the actual application process, and get different use effect. Second, in addition to the very strong seal, the anti chemical corrosion also has a relatively prominent performance. Third, the metal winding pad has the characteristics of excellent performance and convenient installation.


It is reported that metal spiral wound gaskets are most suitable for occasions with different variables, which can achieve balanced load and pull up the resultant force to achieve maximum tension between the sealing devices.


Matters needing attention


1, the part of the gasket must be between the flange sealing surface, and the width of the winding part is not allowed to widen. This will inevitably affect the tightening force of the bolt, thus affecting the sealing performance of the gasket.


2, the basic gasket is best not to be used on the concave convex flange. This is because the basic gasket is easily welded under the axial compression force of the flange, so that the gasket is invalid.


3, under the harsh conditions such as high temperature, deep cold or cold and hot frequent alternation, large vibration and strong corrosive medium, the inner ring with reasonable material is best applied to the gasket of flat flange and convex flange.


4, must not replace the high material gasket with the ground spiral wound gaskets. Avoid material corrosion, abrasion or other causes resulting in the failure of the gasket.