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Precautions for spiral wound gaskets in production

Feb 06, 2018

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With the increasing safety requirements of modern industry, the use of Spiral wound gaskets has become more and more extensive, especially in petroleum, chemical industry, ship, machinery and water supply. Wound gaskets are used in some important valves and pipe bearings in these industries. The main function is to seal the flange.

The use of Spiral wound gaskets is indeed vast, and many valves are used in the current water supply. It's either not used before, or you can use paper MATS. The result is that we can imagine in many streets often have to repair the water valve, it is just because of the water valve flange in the case of no seal protection measures, the leak. After serious research, the company began to promote and use the wound gasket, which resulted in a great improvement in sealing performance and very little leakage.

Spiral wound gasket is made of high quality SUS304, SUS316 (" V "or" W "shape) metal belt and other alloy materials with graphite, asbestos, ptfe gasket, asbestos and other soft materials overlap each other spiral wound and become, in the beginning and the end use spot welding way to fix metal belt. Spiral wound gasket for resilience in half metal seal cushion the best gasket, Spiral wound gasket structure density is accordance with the requirements of different clamping force to make, and inner and outer steel ring is used to control the maximum compaction degree, Spiral wound contact with the surface of the flange sealing surface accuracy is not high. The Spiral wound gasket is especially suitable for the situations where the load is uneven, the joint forces are easy to relax, the temperature and pressure are changed periodically, and there is shock or vibration. The Spiral wound is the ideal static seal of valve, pump, heat exchanger, tower, manhole, hand hole, etc.

Matters needing attention in the production and manufacture of Spiral wound gasket:

1. The winding part of the spiral wound gasket shall have 3 rings to 5 rings without filler metal strip, and should be 2 to 3 rings without packing in the inner diameter.

2. The number of spot welding in the inner and outer diameter of the spiral wound gasket should be no less than 4 points, and there should be no welding defects such as burnt and unsoldered.

3. The upper and lower surface packing of the spiral wound gasket should be flat, and appropriately higher than the metal belt, whose value is about 0.15mm + 0.1mm.

4. The inner ring of the spiral wound gasket shall remove burrs from the periphery of the central ring.