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Metal wound gasket performance

Mar 25, 2019

 Metal wound gaskets are entangled as the name suggests, specifically metal belts and other graphite fibers, PTFE fiber belts are wound by a winding machine. Due to its special manufacturing process, the performance is excellent, and it is known as the most resilient. Good gasket.
     Metal-wound gaskets have been widely recognized as a mechanical gasket and are also known as the best resilience gaskets. Its materials vary widely, from metals to non-metals. To ensure the service life of the wound gasket, it is difficult to rely on one material alone. If the material does not form a good mixture in the molecular state, then the winding method can only be used to fuse the properties of various materials. For example, graphite and steel strip wound gaskets, it is known that graphite has good high temperature resistance, steel strip also has very good strength. However, metal wound gasket just solves this problem.