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Metal ring gasket

Aug 12, 2019

The metal annular gasket is a solid metal gasket processed into a octagonal or elliptical cross-section with a metal material, and has a radial self-Jin sealing effect. Therefore, the metal annular gasket is in contact with the inner and outer sides (mainly the outer side surface) of the T-shaped groove of the flange, and is sealed by pressing. The metal ring pad was originally from the United States. It was first used in the field of pot Lu in the 1920s for the sealing of manhole covers, autoclaves and other containers. It was particularly valued in the oil production and refining industries, with the steam power plant. The temperature and pressure increase, and the use of metal ring pads is becoming more widespread. The metal ring gasket is suitable for the pressure of 2.0~42.0MPa.

1. High temperature resistance and high pressure resistance, suitable for high pressure flanges;

2, the seal is durable and reliable;

3. Conditions for adapting to the frequency change of the load