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Metal ring gasket

Aug 31, 2018

Based on the characteristics of metal materials, gaskets can be made of metal materials under severe operating conditions such as high temperature, high pressure, and frequent load changes. Standard metal gaskets mainly include metal ring gaskets, metal tooth gaskets and metal lens gaskets. Metal ring gaskets can be subdivided into octagonal ring pads and elliptical ring pads, as well as RX and BX self-tightening ring pads.

It is a solid metal gasket which is formed into a octagonal shape or an elliptical shape by a metal material and has a radial self-tightening sealing effect. Therefore, the gasket is in contact with the inner and outer sides (mainly the outer side surface) of the flange trapezoid m and is sealed by pressing.

The octagonal ring pad is matched with the flange groove and is mainly used for surface contact. Compared with the elliptical ring pad, although it is not easy to be in close contact with the flange groove, it can be used again, and since the cross section is composed of a straight line, it is easy to process. The elliptical ring pad is in line contact with the flange groove, and the sealing property is good, but the processing precision is high, thereby increasing the manufacturing cost, and the elliptical ring pad cannot be reused.