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Material of Spiral wound gasket and Suggestion of installation

Aug 16, 2018

   Our Spiral wound gasket product structure is simple, easy to operate, in the process of disassembly is not easy to damage, no stain, no corrosion flange sealing surface, and has a higher strength.

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1.Specification: Thickness 3.2, 4.5mm, nominal size of 10-3000mm.


2.Variety: basic type, with inner ring, with outer ring, with inner and outer ring, etc.


3.Filler tape are flexible graphite, asbestos, PTFE and other sealing materials covered in stainless steel, copper, carbon steel and other metal materials.

4.Working temperature: -200~650℃, work pressure: 3.5MPa

5.Main use: Applicable to a variety of media pumps, valves, heat exchangers and other seals and all kinds of flange seals.


    With High-temperature, high-pressure steam, oil and gas, solvents, gas, heat transfer medium, such as pipeline, flange, valve, pump import and export, all kinds of heat exchangers, reaction towers, observation holes, hand holes, shell covers and other parts of the seal. The Spiral wound gasket is a stainless-steel tape with a flexible graphite band or asbestos tape, PTFE tape, such as overlapping winding, welding ends. The use of a good elastic non-metallic fiber material (also known as filler) is made. Because the metal is wrapped in the outer layer, the heat resistance is increased. Packing material Can avoid the direct contact between the fiber and the medium lead to leakage, but also maintain a good resilience, thereby improving the product sealing performance.


 Note the following points during installation:

1. Before installation, carefully check the flange, bolts, nuts and gaskets of the quality, carefully check the flange or interface installation, there are no bias, wrong mouth, mouth, holes and other defects.


2. The flange or seal part surface must clean, the gasket surface and the bolt, the thread does not allow the adhesion mechanical impurity.


3. Gasket cannot be installed on the side, should ensure uniform pressure.


4. Tighten the nut should be uniform force, the bolt should be symmetrical, evenly divided 2 times-3 times tightening, so that the gasket pressure evenly. Spiral wound gasket is an important sealing element, widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, power generation, shipbuilding and other industries, is the current pressure pipeline, valves, pumps, heat exchangers and other equipment static sealing key components. Selection and use of high-quality Spiral wound gasket products, to reduce and eliminate running, run, drip, leakage, to ensure the safety of host equipment, pressure piping normal operation, has very important significance.


Original : China spiral wound gasket manufacturer -Ningbo Techo Sealing Gasket Co Ltd.