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How to solve the fault of PTFE gasket?

Feb 02, 2021
1. For PTFE gaskets that do not use sealing grease, consider adding sealing grease to improve the sealing performance of PTFE gaskets; In order to improve the sealing performance of PTFE gaskets, the method of adding fillers is usually used, in the form of multi-layer mixed filler, simply increase the number, such as increasing 3 pieces to 5 pieces, the effect is not obvious.

2. Replace the PTFE gasket, the working temperature is in the range of-20 ~ +200 ℃. When the temperature changes at the upper and lower limits, its sealing is significantly reduced, aging is fast, and the life is short, the flexible graphite filler can overcome these shortcomings and has a long service life. Therefore, some factories all change the PTFE gasket to graphite PTFE gasket, and can also use wound gasket, "O" ring.