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How to check spiral wound gasket quality from the outside

Feb 06, 2018

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The main body of the Spiral wound gasket does not allow for the damage of the sealing function, the space, the uneven and the rust spots. The main body of the Spiral wound gasket should be evenly and properly higher than the metal belt. The lamination should be clear, but the metal strip should not be exposed. The solder joints of spiral wound gaskets should be evenly spaced, and should not have any defects such as incomplete fusion or over-melting. Reinforcement ring appearance there should be no burr, rugged, rusty spot, such as faults, Spiral wound gasket body from top to bottom sealing surface and the reinforcement ring from top to bottom in reinforcement ring should be equal distance from appearance and Spiral wound gasket between the main body should be tightly fixed, not loose; The external reinforcing ring and gasket should be positioned and properly loosened.

Common sense of  spiral wound gaskets.

Spiral wound gasket selection of high quality SUS304, SUS316 (" V "or" W "shape) metal belt and other alloy materials with soft materials such as graphite, asbestos, ptfe spiral wound and replace each other stack in the beginning and ending with metal belt fixed spot welding method. Spiral wound gasket is now widely used a sealing gasket, metal gasket to half resilience better gaskets, habit and ability to high temperature and high pressure temperature or under vacuum conditions using, especially suitable for the load force is lax, uneven, periodic changes in temperature and pressure, shock or sensational occasion. After change the gasket material combination, can solve the problem of all kinds of medium to chemical corrosion of gasket, density of the structure can be made according to the requirements of the different clamping force, to strengthen the subject and accurate positioning, winding gasket with the metal reinforcement ring inside and outside the locating ring, use table steel ring to control the bigger pressure tightness, flange sealing surface appearance of gasket touch accuracy is not high.