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High temperature resistant gasket material

Aug 07, 2020

  1. Rock wool board: thermal conductivity of 0.041-0.045, fireproof, flame retardant, high temperature absorption, poor heat preservation effect.

  2. Glass wool: simple construction, free cutting. Antibacterial and mildew proof, anti-aging, anti-corrosion, ensuring a healthy environment. Low moisture absorption and stable physical properties.

  3. Expanded polystyrene board (EPS board): thermal conductivity: 0.037-0.041, good insulation effect, low price, poor strength.

  4. Extruded polystyrene board (XPS board): thermal conductivity: 0.028-0.03, better insulation effect, high strength, moisture resistance, expensive, and the surface needs to be treated during construction.

  5. Rubber powder polystyrene particle insulation slurry: thermal conductivity: 0.057-0.06, good flame retardancy, waste recycling, unsatisfactory insulation effect, and high requirements for construction.