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Detailed description of the functional characteristics of graphite composite gasket

Oct 23, 2020

  Graphite composite gasket is a gasket limited by sprinting metal tooth plate or metal stencil and expanded graphite particles. It is usually stamped or cut from reinforced graphite board by professional gasket cutting equipment. Reinforcement graphite gasket the commonly used inner layer reinforcement materials include ss304,ss316 or tinplate, etc., with a thickness of 0.05~0.2mm, and the methods include Sprint board reinforced composite gasket, grid board reinforced composite gasket, and plate reinforced composite gasket.

  Graphite composite gasket functional characteristics modification graphite composite gasket has outstanding corrosion resistance, high/low temperature resistance, radiation resistance, outstanding compression resilience and high strength, the required pretightening force is smaller than that of metal gasket and metal spiral-wound gasket, and the requirement on flange surface is not high. It is a relatively economical and practical gasket.

  If the edging method is adopted, it can stick to the excellent functions of the original graphite composite gasket, and it is convenient for the device and disassembly, and is not easy to damage. It can also prevent the erosion of the gasket by the medium and the oxygen in the outside air, the temperature resistance and pressure resistance functions are improved. Use Scale Modification graphite composite gasket is mainly used in various pipelines, valves, pumps, pressure vessels, heat exchanger, condenser, generator, air compressor, exhaust pipe, the sealing parts of flange joints such as refrigerator can replace asbestos rubber gasket and iron gasket.