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Considerations when choosing a gasket

Dec 30, 2019

The correct selection of the gasket is the key to ensuring that the equipment is leak-free. For the same working condition, there are generally several kinds of gaskets to choose from. According to the physical properties of the medium, pressure, temperature and equipment size, operating conditions, the length of the continuous operation cycle, etc., the gasket must be selected reasonably, the strengths can be avoided, and the characteristics of various gaskets must be fully utilized.

When choosing a gasket, the following factors should be fully considered:

(1) It has good elasticity and recovery, and can adapt to pressure changes and temperature fluctuations;

(2) It has proper flexibility and can fit well with the contact surface;

(3) Does not pollute process media;

(4) Sufficient toughness without causing breakage due to pressure and tightening force;

(5) It does not harden at low temperature, and the shrinkage is small;

(6) Good processing performance, easy installation and compaction;

(7) It is easy to disassemble without sealing surface;

(8) Cheap price and long service life.