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Comparison of Spiral wound gasket and double jacketed gasket

Jun 21, 2018

Spiral wound gasket and Double Jacketed Gasket are both  good sealing materials.  Many people don't know much about this product. For example, they often ask about what the difference of double jacketed gasket and spiral wound gasket is. Which product is more convenient, and which one on the sealing effect is better.



Here we will make some detailed explanations.



First, we want to popularize what is called spiral wound gasket. The so-called spiral wound gasket is a product that is made of metal tape and nonmetal materials that overlap each other. This product is fixed at the beginning and end by spot welding. The so-called Double Jacketed Gasket products are metal belts and non-metallic belts. A half metal flat product made of spiral composite coiling. In the process of use, the operating range of the spiral wound gasket is more widely. In the process of use, they can also change the Chemical Corrosiveness of various media by changing the combination of the material, and can be used more reliably, especially in the seal.


On the one hand, the stability is not achieved by other materials. Compared with the cushion products, they use smaller working conditions.



But the production cost of the Double Jacketed Gasket is low, and the price has a great advantage. So, when choosing the sealed products, we should choose the suitable product according to the circumstances.


After that, all the knowledge we have prepared for you today.