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Application of type A flexible waterproof cover sealing ring

Dec 16, 2020

In practical application, type a flexible waterproof cover reduces the hidden danger caused by the original unilateral sealing and meets the needs of special sealing occasions. Because the double-sealed type a flexible waterproof cover uses millimeters as the unit of measurement, anti-corrosion treatment is required when the production is completed, and relative treatment can be carried out according to different designs, the interior can be painted with primer outside wall tube, while the interior can be treated with rust prevention according to requirements. Special places can meet relevant standard requirements according to design.

A- type flexible waterproof cover adopts a standard structured form in structure. In order to have a better sealing state for the sealing of A- type flexible waterproof cover, for A- type flexible waterproof cover, two pieces of sealing blue and pipe sealing ring are selected. Can realize flexible sealed. On both sides of the pipeline system The shape of the seal ring is to choose a standard, and the material selection of the seal ring is also the most important.