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Advantages of Graphite Reinforced Sheet

Mar 05, 2021

The advantages of Graphite Reinforced Sheet can be summarized as the following five points:

1. Strong processing capacity, can provide ultra-thin, ultra large graphite sheet and splicing graphite sheet.

2. According to the request, we can provide graphite sheet, graphite square and graphite gasket, vibration forming, molding formed ring and isostatic pressing forming.

3. According to different technical requirements, anti-oxidation treatment, impermeability treatment and strengthening treatment can be carried out on graphite sheet, graphite cube and graphite garden to improve service performance and prolong service life.

4. The steel reinforced material is thinner and lighter, which saves part of the cost in transportation and installation. Moreover, for the more expensive steel varieties, the price of the Graphite Reinforced Sheet is lower than the finished plate of the original plate in varying degrees.

5. Graphite Reinforced Sheet not only has the advantages of natural steel performance, but also has the comparative advantages of practical performance, which also determines the sustainable development trend of its future market. More and more countries and regions are widely used in the international market, which also verifies the market development trend of Graphite Reinforced Sheet.